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  • Concerts
  • Emceeing fundraisers / gala events
  • Speaking
  • Leading worship


  • Women’s events
  • Writing conferences
  • Leading worship
  • Mentoring / coaching writers and speakers


  • Date night events for couples
  • Marriage retreats (music and speaking)
  • Concerts
  • Fundraising / gala events


Do you need a fun, interactive event for the couples in your church or organization? Carey and Dena offer a “turnkey” event that your folks will be talking about years from now. For one all-inclusive price, they will provide:

  • Videos and music
  • Comedy and storytelling
  • Practical relationship tips from a couple who’ve been married for over 20 years
  • Marriage discussion questions
  • Audience interaction
  • Posters for promotion
  • Graphics to use on social media

It’s a complete package–all you have to decide is when and where to have the event and whether to provide a full meal or dessert only.

“Happily Ever Laughter” appeals to both men and women. (We guarantee plenty of material that the guys will enjoy, too – It’s not a “girly” evening). It has been designed for both younger and older couples. Seasoned mentor couples can sit with younger couples and lead discussion/interactive time.

This live event is not a heavy-handed evening of guilt trips or beating husbands/wives over the head about what they are doing wrong. It’s also not about “getting your act together” as married people.

This encouraging evening is both honest about struggles common in marriages and uplifting/overwhelmingly positive. It’s Carey and Dena’s intent that couples laugh together and leave feeling inspired.

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