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This was the title of Dena’s first “major” work, submitted at the age of 8 to her second grade teacher. It was the story of--you guessed it--a taco who fought hard and bled tomato juice. Ever since then, she’s had a passion for writing.

As a young child, she surrendered her life to Jesus. And at the age of eleven, He called her to ministry. "I thought he would call me to the mission field--probably Africa," she says with a smile. "Little did I know he would make a way for me to be a missionary in a singing and acting group after college, in which I met my husband."

After she and Carey married, God opened the door for Dena to write for publication as a journalist for two different periodicals. Soon after, the Dyers started their family and so she made the leap into freelance writing, landing pieces in such well-known magazines as Family Circle, Reader’s Digest and Woman’s World.

Never one to step away from a challenge, Dena’s next five-year marathon would be her attempt to break into the world of Christian books. Ten titles later (plus appearances in two dozen more), Dena still has the same love for expressing herself through writing as that little second grader.

Along the way, she's also been experienced a lot--depression, anxiety, panic attacks, health issues, financial crises, ministry heartaches, & family/marriage ups and downs. JESUS has been her constant source of strength, hope, and deep, lasting joy.

"I love to share the healing God has given me through music, speaking, and writing," Dena says. "It's my great privilege to go where He allows me to and speak His truth to hurting, harried women."

Explore Dena’s books at christianbook.com, amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com and read some of her engaging essays at denadyer.contently.com.

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Photo by Tim Miller, Used by permission